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iSnap Distributorship

New product to Aus and we are looking for Re-sellers!
Social media is a big ticket item, and photo sharing is a niche market that is poised to be taken advantage of by the photo booth industry. There are many big brands and companies wishing there was an easy way for them to get their branding on other peoples photos to achieve viral marketing. This represents big income and we are always looking to develop new ways to take advantage of this for our members.

Introducing the iSnap. The iSnap is a photo/social media marketing tool designed for businesses that want to increase their profile on social media and generate real income from it. The iSnap will sit perfectly in any hotel lobby, cafe, restaurant, bar, amusement park, museum, vistors centre, tourist attraction etc, and generate thousands of online impressions and social media followers. Marketers also love the analytics produced by the system as well.

We are looking for sellers to take on the product and sell in their areas on a commission basis. This way your outlay will be time only and will allow you to boost your income easily.

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