Photo by Jakub Skafiriak on Unsplash

Metal, Wood or Plastic?

How the material of your booth affects your business

Quality is in the eye of the beholder…well not really. Quality is one of those things that is hard to measure until you’re 5 years down the track and the $100 product you bought isn’t working as well as the $500 product. Sometimes it’s luck that the more expensive product might break sooner than the cheaper one. And people generally don’t care about quality until it costs them delays and lost profits.

So it’s hard to measure on a case by case basis. But when you have produced as many Photo Booths as we have and the majority of the products you built 5 years ago are still in operation today, making money causing fun, you get to know a thing or two about quality. But one thing we do know is that the material your Photo Booth is built from is a pretty accurate indicator of quality and reliability.

There are some very good reasons why we build from high-quality materials such as steel and aluminium. Metal is strong, lightweight, hard wearing, nonflammable, doesn’t swell when wet, doesn’t weaken over time and most importantly, looks the most professional for your clients.

Wood (quite possibly the worst) is heavy, soft, swells when wet, flammable, damages easily, and the joints weaken during travel.

Plastics and other materials are soft, break easily and weaken during travel. They do not look professional and most are flammable as well.

Materials at a glance:

wood metal plastic comparison