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Are you interested in selling Photo Booths?

Would you like to partner with Australia’s most awarded and successful Photo Booth Manufacturer?

You can make the most of our incredible market presence and unique product and start selling our highly successful Photo Booths in your country.

Why Red Robot?

  1. We have experienced a very large and rapidly growing customer demand growing in USA and other countries in recent years.
  2. We are finding more and more people drawn to our product range because it offers the flexibility to use your own components, while having the professional metal finish of more expensive models.
  3. The added bonus is the incredible efficiency to operate that makes a big difference to the bottom line in business.

There is a large opportunity for supply of additional services which you would be responsible for delivering and profiting from.

It is your role as distributor to not just sell Photo Booths but also to educate and coach customers according to our tried and tested methods and concepts, as well as offer support, maintenance and other services + any other products as you wish.

A summary of your key advantages:

  • High margins and considerable options for added service fees
  • Best-selling brand in Southern Hemisphere
  • Highly-innovative products and services with very strong customer demand
  • A highly flexible product  – provide your own PC, Camera, Software and Printers and make margin on these elements
  • High level of sustainability due to unique product design (not everyone can imitate)
  • Professional business entry from day one
  • Low risk and high flexibility

What do you need to provide?

  • A solid business plan outlining Infrastructure for all services including stocking
  • Professional main business address
  • Sincerity, negotiation skills and organisational talent

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