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Offering custom branding opportunities and unique social capabilities

CANBERRA, December 1, 2014 – In a stunning run of accolades, Canberra company Red Robot has racked up no less than 5 National business and product design awards in the space of three months. Wins include both the Sydney and Melbourne Design Awards, the Canberra BusinessPoint High Growth Award and Business of the Year Award, and the Australian Startup Award for the Product Business of the Year. In less than three years of operations, Red Robot has become the most well-known photo booth manufacturer and exporter in Australia by offering unique photo branding opportunities through innovative social media integration. In a gutsy move, while most Australian tech companies are sending their production overseas, all of Red Robot’s photo booths are manufactured in-house. Red Robot recognizes the importance of building their brand in a way that positively impacts the Australian economy, and in-house production maintains local manufacturing jobs. This also gives the company more control over their end product and makes it easier to maintain a fast pace of integrating innovative new ideas into the photo booths.

“Our decision to keep our manufacturing in Canberra is integral to our brand. From a manufacturing perspective, no one knew how to make what we wanted to create,” Co-founder Duncan Amos says. “Bringing together our own team of fabricators, designers and programmers took a lot of education in the beginning – but it’s created an environment of collaboration that has allowed our photo booths to evolve without barriers.”

Red Robot is also intent on advocating Photo Sharing as the new frontier for brands and marketing agencies who need to reach more through social media. Red Robot photo booths also allow users to easily upload their photos to social media, while adding branding for business exposure and providing demographic feedback. Understanding that visual posts are proven to be vastly more effective that video and text posts, Red Robot gives brands the unique opportunity to engage with customers in a new way. Major brands are taking note: Red Robot recently completed large-scale campaigns with both BBC Worldwide and Lipton’s.

“Photo-based social media posts are proven to be more effective in cutting through, gaining attention and reaching audiences,” Red Robot co-founder Phil Preston says. “We’ve seen this in the dramatic rise in popularity of visual sharing platforms like Instagram and Pinterest. Because of this, more brands big and small are turning to us as a specialist in the kind of photo sharing technology that allows them to engage with a wider audience and deliver the brand-building ROI that creates conversion results.”

During a time of growth explosion for the industry, Red Robot now offers a “business model in a box” for entrepreneurs interested in building a company around innovative, brand-expanding photo booths. And with multiple setup options, there’s a photo booth to fit every brand and budget.

So what does the future hold for Red Robot? “We are focussed on further developing our platforms to cater to start-up markets, brands and marketing teams. We have a very well developed design philosophy that centres around simplicity, single person operation and reducing running costs for our customers. Everything we do needs to improve on these principles. We are also looking forward to meeting demands from overseas markets for our products” says Preston.

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Based in Canberra, Australia, Red Robot is a manufacturing and design company that aims to be a one-stop supplier for the photo booth industry. Offering innovative products and the ability to create highly branded campaigns, they have won multiple industry awards, including both the Sydney and Melbourne Design Awards, the Canberra BusinessPoint High Growth Award and Business of the Year Award, and the Australian Startup Award for the Product Business of the Year.