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We know for a fact the strongest Photo Booth companies out there have the best strategy. Not the lowest prices, not the prettiest Photo Booth but the best proven strategies.

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Red Robot Photo Booth Business Model

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11 Professional Tips for Starting a Successful Photo Booth Company

We’ve spent years refining our business model

(which is our Photo Booth)

The Photo Booth you choose makes a big difference to how your business runs and how much money you keep. When we started our first Photo Booth business in 2007 we weren’t happy with the products coming from overseas. We traveled the world and saw the best but decided we needed something better quality. So we set about building our first Photo Booth. It was massive, heavy, hard to setup and hard to pack away. We found that this was killing our profits. The amount of time and effort we spent (not to mention paying multiple staff to help) was far more than each hire was worth.

So we refined our design over and over to achieve the most portability, quickest setup to reduce the amount of time and staff required. We also built a whole bunch of business strategies and processes through trial and error to increase profits over and over. We know what works.

And we want you to have all the secrets!

Find Out:

How to get great customers and make them love you

How to gain true profits

How to beat your competition

How to deliver more value at less cost

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The complete guide to building and running a successful Photo Booth business

Over 7+ years worth of experience, tips and tricks.

Learn how to:

Buy or build a Photo Booth

Attract customers with proven marketing and sales techniques

Maximise your profits with the most effective processes

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The Low Risk Alternative

Why it works

The Red Robot team has a collection of over 8 years worth of testing, trial & failure and solid proven results in the Photo Booth industry. Add a collective 73+ years worth of business know-how and (not tooting our own trumpets but…) this is why we have won 5 business and product design awards – because we know how to achieve results.

We love to see successful Photo Booth businesses GROW! Why? because that is the ultimate feedback result for us. We have been there since the start of the Photo Booth industry and we are committed to it and passionate about it. In order to inspire new businesses to grow and achieve success in the industry we believe that we need to start cutting through the fluff and get to the core things that really matter – the things that really cause success. And so there are a few solid facts that we have learnt about this industry that you need to know if you are looking to start up:

The Photobooth hire industry is a very exciting place to be. For a small start-up cost a Photobooth hire business can generate a tasty income for anyone who is willing to put in the ground work.

The Photobooth Rental market is exploding! It’s an exciting time to be a part of a rapidly growing industry. Find out how you can grab a share.

Since 2009 the number of photobooth companies in Australia alone has more than doubled. From our experience the demand for this fun new craze is not even close to being met by the companies that exist. As a result there are weddings, parties, corporate events, product launches, Christmas parties etc. that are missing out as many Photobooth companies are fully booked – especially during wedding season. They shouldn’t have to miss out and neither should you. This page is all about how you can get a bite of the action.

  1. A business model that is incredibly easy to run – earn a full time income on part time hours
  2. Low entry cost into the market
  3. Low technical ability required
  4. Fun and fulfilling work – meets lots of people
  5. You don’t have to be the best, just be better than some and with a strong and efficient Photo Booth you will keep more profit than your competitors
  6. Market growth and demand are incredible. Search term growth shows a steady rise since 2009
  7. Between 2012 to 2014 the industry quadrupled in size. Thats a 415% growth in just 2 years!
  8. Photo Booths have applications beyond just weddings and parties. New markets, new applications and new technology opening all the time

Increasing search trends

increasing search trend for Photo Booth rental term

Which Photo Booth is Right for Me?


ATOM Photo Booth Packed for transport


ATOM Photo Booth standing


Modular PhotoStation


Classic Photo Booth


Classic Photo Booth packed for transport


Coming Soon – Fully rigid transportable enclosure for the Modular PhotoStation range

The Full Classic PhotoBooth Experience

The Classic PhotoBooth is the most fully featured PhotoBooth with a heap of options and upgrades available. Think of it more as a blank canvas that you can paint however you like. It offers the classic enclosed experience that customers have come to expect.

Customer Experience
Ease of Use
Set Up Speed
The Quick and Easy PhotoStation

The Modular PhotoStation is cheaper, quicker and easier to operate than the Classic PhotoBooth. It allows you to enter the market at a cheaper price point and still provide amazing features and experience to your clients. It also does not lock you in and allows you to provide more PhotoBooth products easier in the future.

Customer Experience
Ease of Use
Set Up Speed
The ATOM Photo Booth

Super quick, incredibly easy and at an ultra low cost, the ATOM is designed to drastically reduce running costs and improve your profit. The sleek lightweight metal design allows for superior strength and ease of transportation with head turning looks. With constant development of new additional attachments and products to complement the ATOM you will always be able to stay on the forefront of the technology available to the industry.

Customer Experience
Ease of Use
Set Up Speed
The Most Portable and Profitable

The Original Retro Photo Booth is sleek, sexy, colorful, portable and designed to do business. The Original Retro combines classic charm with the latest imaging technology in an incredibly light weight package. Everything about the Original Retro has been designed to reduce your running costs and improve your profit while making your business stand out in the crowd.

Customer Experience
Ease of Use
Set Up Speed
Custom Solution

By far the most expensive but also the most effective, custom solutions are what we love. From programming, to lighting design and user experience, as solution can be made to meet your needs. A custom solution can be built by yourself with our fully featured PhotoStation head unit or we can help build a solution from scratch.

Complete Support

Real Support Features

Our support packages are designed to help you operate stress free.

We term our support packages as “Real Support” due to the fact that we believe them to be the best deal around. With this in mind we have designed Real Support as an integrated package right down to the booth design. Support options are provided to meet your business needs and are intended to ensure equipment downtime does not affect your income.

Australian Designed, Manufactured and Supported

This doesn’t mean that only our Australian clients get the benefit of quick service. Our support packages, ehtics and business operation model are a necessity of all distributors of our products. This means that spare parts are kept in stock locally and can be shipped out priority. If booth repairs are necessary these can be performed locally by distributors as well. You won’t have send you booth overseas or pay for a completely new one in either case – and you wont have to wait months.

User Replaceable Parts

Our booths are designed on open platform standards. This means that there is no prorpietary equipment involved. All parts are user replaceable. The benefit of standardising to this platform is twofold:

  1. If a part fails or is unreliable it can be replaced on site, during an event. This ensures the smallest amount of downtime possible.
  2. There is no reliance on any one manufacturer. We spend our time sourcing the best equipment at the best bulk purchase prices for our booths to continually reduce your operating costs.


What is the Member Network?

When you purchase a Red Robot Photobooth you get the exclusive opportunity to join our Member Network. Why is this such a good opportunity?
Well here  is just a few good reasons:

  1. You will have access to our Real Support service to provide peace of mind and ensure your booth is generating an income.
  2. You will benefit from our Active Referral System. As enquiries come our way we share them out evenly among our members to ensure both member and potential clients get the best outcome. And these leads cost $0.
  3. Use the power of a National Network to offer nation wide service to large event clients.
  4. Our photobooth media and supplies are offered at the same low rate to you, effectively reducing your running costs and leaving you with more of the profit.
  5. You will have access to our user forum and knowledge base providing you with news and ideas, tutorials, demos, templates, business tools, video training,  solutions and  other information directly related to the Photobooth industry.
  6. We maintain a register of your equipment and keep a stock of spare parts ready to ship out at a moments notice.
  7. As we also operate a company in the industry you can benefit from our knowledge and experience. We offer new business ideas to help you expand your offering and strengthen your business.
  8. We also offer training events to help you and your staff operate equipment more efficiently.
  9. We offer special deals on bulk equipment and supplies purchases. You get to benefit from lower prices, group buying power and a true single supplier solution.
  10. You also get the very special opportunity to steer the development of our product. If there is a feature you would like to see you can participate in our Member discussion forum and help evolve the product.

Support Services

  • Phone Support

    As a standard to all of our support packages we provide dedicated phone support during business hours. A technician will be on hand to answer all manner of questions and trouble shoot issues for you and your staff.

  • After Hours Support

    We also provide the option of a Peak Time phone support through a dedicated 1300 number. The Peak Time service is designed to provide support over the typically busy time for Photobooth hire companies.

  • Email Support

    Also standard is email support for non urgent technical questions and enquiries.

  • Remote Desktop

    We also use remote desktop services to make alterations, solve complex problems quickly and to provide training. No matter where you are we can help out and show you how

  • Knowledge Base

    The Knowledge Base is part of our Member Network area and is delivered online. Here you can access all user documentation, manuals, how-to’s, training materials including demo videos and guides.

  • User Forum

    The User Forum is also a part of our Member Network area. The forum allows you to connect with other booth operators around the world and ask questions, share tips and other industry news.

  • Priority Spares

    As a standard we maintain sufficient levels of spare parts in stock to service our existing client base. The reason we do this is to maintain a priority spares service to all of our support clients. This is a guarantee that, when required, any spare parts required will be shipped priority express within the next business day

  • Proffessional Training

    We also offer more in depth training sessions for larger groups of employees and for new products. These training sessions are offered in addition to our video guides and focus on hands-on instruction. These training sessions can also be a good way to brush up on old skills and train new staff members. We can offer a set amount of on-site training sessions per year as a part of any support package.

  • Custom Programming

    With in house programming and software capability we can create all sorts of custom user interfaces and bespoke functions. If you’re after a custom solution or have a client that wants a specific feature, chances are we have done it or we can produce a solution.

How to Buy a Photo Booth

There are many options open here. If you have an existing Photobooth business we can help you increase your return on investment. Our booth can save you money in set up time, maintenance, effort and fuel. Perhaps you are looking to supplement a hire, DJ or photography business? Perfect, the Photobooth can provide an added source of income for you. It requires little resource to operate and can add value to your existing clients.

If you are thinking about starting a business we can come to the party too. For every customer we offer a number of purchasing avenues.

  • Outright purchase
  • Rent to Own Finance

The outright purchase is the simplest and quickest way to get setup. Get in contact with us and we can work up a quote based on freighting the unit directly to you.

You can finance the purchase of the booth with our finance partner. While you are setting up a finance agreement you can start booking events.

What Finance is Available?

Red Robot Industries offers a proven business concept through our unique Photo booth platform. We would rather hand out opportunities than control your business, so first step is to let us know that you are interested and we can talk to you about your options.

Rent to Own Funding

The GoGetta funding model allows you to finance the purchase of your next booth via a Rent to Own type model know as Go.Rent. Go.Grow. Go.Own. This is an effective way to keep your cash flow high and start making money from your booth without the upfront spend. You can receive your booth, pay a weekly rental rate for 12 months and either purchase at the end, hand the booth back or extend the rental at a reduced rate for 36 months. Rental payments are typically tax deductible as well. This option has been incredibly successful. To learn more have a look at the separate GoGetta brochure or get in touch with us.

What About Franchising?

Although we have a successful hire business in Canberra that could be franchised out quite easily, its not a good deal for you. We considered the same thing when we started our hire business and decided against it. Why would you want to hand over your hard earned profits so someone else can make all of the important decisions that affect your business? You know your local area better than we ever could so why would you want us to handle your marketing? We would rather share our knowledge, strategies and tactics that we have tested and proven so that you can make the best of your business.

Your Success is Our Success.